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Pet Preventative Care Packages

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Bernalilo preventative care packages

Bernalillo Pet Care Center
Pet Preventative Care Packages

Bernalillo Pet Care Center offers wellness plans for both canines and felines, from puppies and kittens to senior pets.

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Appropriate preventive care helps pets live longer, healthier lives by preventing serious illness and catching conditions before they get worse. By investing in preventative care now, you can avoid or greatly reduce larger expenses in the future. However, sometimes costs of wellness and preventative care can make that level of care out of reach To help you with that, we offer preventive care packages, in which wellness care services such as regular exams, vaccines, and wellness testing are discounted approximately 10% off their retail value, and able to be paid off in monthly increments over 12-months. These packages also include 50% off exams (with a regular appointment) and discounts on many other items not included in the package. You can also add optional services such as parasite prevention, dental cleanings, and spays/neuters. There are different plans tailored to your pet’s age and health status. For more information, check out each package below.

These packages are not pet insurance plans and do not cover any services not specifically listed in these packages. A credit or debit card is required for automatic monthly payments and must be present at the time of sign-up. Refunds for monthly payments are not permitted for any unused and/or expired services within your plan. Late payments will incur a fee of $25. Please call us today to enroll your Pet Preventative Care Package.

Pet Preventative Care Packages